International Summer School: Integrated Management of Island Territories and Marine Resources

Entre el 2 y el 6 de julio se va a celebrar en La Laguna, Gran Canaria y El Hierro el siguiente Seminario Internacional evento, de gran interés para jóvenes investigadores

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of La Laguna organize, in the
Canary Islands, the Summer School “Integrated Management of Island Territories and Marine
Resources” from the 2nd to 6th of July, 2012. The School is mainly open to Master and PhD students, Spanish, European and from other countries. It will be developed in the framework of activities by ENIT (Excellence Network of Island Territories) which currently comprises 24 universities worldwide.

The aim of this Summer School is to contribute to knowledge, research and development from
a multidisciplinary perspective of integrated management of islands and marine resources. The
School will address the planning and management of island territories in the economic, environmental and social aspects, as well as the role of universities in the islands’ development. In this regard, there will be a workshop focused in on-site analysis of the impact of the recent eruption of an underwater volcano in El Hierro island.

The main aspects of the workshop will be to address the consequences of this volcanic eruption, both socially, economically and environmentally, with special attention to sudden changes in marine
biodiversity in the island. The workshop will be completed with visits to several places of interest
in the island, where practical study cases will be shown to compare, first hand, the direct and indirect effects of the eruption.

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